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Nurse's Office

Alyce Hernandez, LVN

Hi! I am Alyce Hernandez LVN the nurse at Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary. This is my sixth year working at Hornsby.  I love taking care of the students and watching them grow as the years go by. I had a student tell me this past year “I remember when you helped me when I was in kindergarten, and I had to go to the hospital to get stitches. I was crying a lot and I was scared. But I know I don’t have to be scared anymore because I know you are here to take care of me. It’s not as bad as last time, I just need a band-aid.”

Alyce Hernandez, LVN
Hornsby-Dunlap Elementary Nurse
Hours:  7:00 am-3:30 pm
Phone: 512-386-3656
Fax:  512-386-3655

Franchelle Davis, Traveling Assistant

My name is Franchelle Davis or may call me Ms.Chelle for short. I love spending time with my one and only daughter and our dog Rocko. Quality family time is very important to me. 

I am excited to help with all of your Health Care needs in the Nurse's Office this school year. Working with children is such a passion of mine. It has been a very rewarding place in my career the past few years.  I have been with DVISD for 3 years now and I will be traveling between Gilbert, Hornsby and Smith elementary. 

I have been a Medical Assistant for 18 years, I graduated from Allied Health careers in 2004. I've worked at numerous Doctor's Offices, Hospitals, and Specialty Clinics. I have experience in Rehabilitation, Pediatrics, Psychiatric, and Cardiology. I am blessed to be able to apply my skills at various campuses in the district.  Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any concerns. Cheers to the 22-23 School Year!!

headshot of Franchelle Davis

Franchelle Davis, MA
Traveling Assistant (Smith, Hornsby & Gilbert)
Hours:  7:30 am- 4:00 pm